Increase your overall power and explosiveness, develop brute strength and become a fighting cardio machine using the workouts in Kettlebells for Grapplers"

With these workouts in your hand you will become one of the fittest and strongest grapplers in the gym. All your training partners will want to know what strength and conditioning program you are following....get ready to be in the best shape of your life!!

Kettlebells have been around for over 100 years and are usually seen being 'lifted' and 'swung' by the Russian military or by elite level athletes on crazy YouTube videos. People use kettlebells because using them helps you get fit, stay lean and get strong all at the same time. Following the workout routines in the Kettlebells for Grapplers video will get you in shape and give you a competitive edge in any grappling sports.

Who is this package for?

I created this 12-week kettlebell program for people who wants to use Kettlebells to get fit AND strong for Brazilian Jiujitsu, Judo and wrestling. As a strength and conditioning coach and grappler myself I have written literally hundreds of strength and conditioning programs for grapplers who want to get fit, fast and strong - and kettlebells are a great way to achieve this. Kettlebells for Grapplers is written for beginner and intermediate level grapplers who have never used kettlebells before. The program contains beginner, intermediate and advanced modules that build on each other. The beginner program is designed to get you to understand how the kettlebell swings, while the intermediate and advanced programs will push you mentally and physically.

Who am I?

My name is Matt D’Aquino. I am a 3rd Degree Black belt, 2008 Beijing Olympian and founder of Beyond Grappling Fitness & Conditioning. I have been studying Judo for over 23 years and Brazilian Jiujitsu for close to 7 years. As a fitness and strength coach I have been helping grapplers improve their fitness and conditioning so they can perform where it matters most - on the mat.

I practically live and breathe Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu and strength and conditioning. Every spare minute I am writing articles for MMA Uncaged, filming instructional videos for the University of Judo or writing strength and conditioning programs for people who want to fight to the best of their ability.

I personally have enjoyed the benefits of doing regular kettlebell workouts and I know you will too. The workouts in the Kettlebells for Grapplings program will:

Enjoy the benefits of Kettlebells

Check out what members of the University of Judo say about Kettlebells for Grapplers

With these Grappling specific workouts you will:

  • Learn kettlebell movements that turn you into a faster more powerful grappler

  • Increase your joint stability and joint mobility

  • Develop an insane amount of hip drive and lower body power

  • Begin developing a never ending gas tank

  • Increase your grip strength so you can hold chokes for way longer

  • Increase your full body co-ordination and balance

  • and loads more!

The Kettlebells for Grapplers package includes:

Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will instantly improve your entire grappling game. Put simply the stronger you are the stronger your grappling game becomes!


3 week Beginner program
Module #1

  • The 3 week beginner module is designed for you to get a basic understanding of how the kettlebell moves and what you need to do to prepare for the intermediate and advanced kettlebell workouts.
    Additionally this module comes with instructional videos of each and every movement to make sure you are getting the most out of your kettlebell training.
  • Develop your kettlebell knowledge and know how in this 3 week block
  • Within days you will feel fast and more explosive
  • Increase your mobility, glute and hip power
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3 Week Intermediate Program
Module #2

  • The intermediate kettlebell program is a 3 week program designed to build on the skills and concepts of the beginner module. These movements are tougher than the previous movements, resulting in you getting fitter and stronger.
  • Video demonstrations of every exercise
  • Develop your kettlebell knowledge and movements to new heights
  • Your core and grip strength and cardio will improve dramatically in this 3 week period
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3 Week Advanced Program
Module #3

  • This 6 week advanced kettlebell program will push you to the absolute limit. This module contains harder movements and more intense workouts to guarantee you to be fitter than you ever though possible. Your lungs and forearms will burn and your heart rate will hit the roof as you get through the hardest component of the Kettlebells for Grapplers workouts regime.
  • Video demonstrations of every exercise
  • Take your cardio and strength to another level
  • These workouts will ensure you out cardio even the fittest guy at your academy
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GPP Demo Videos
Module #4

  • Kettlebells movements are very ballistic and explosive so it is vital that you warm up properly. General Physical preparedness (GPP's) routines are the best way to warm up and prepare yourself to train hard.
    In this module Matt demonstrates three of his favorite GPP's you can do to make sure you physically and mentally prepared to workout with the kettlebell.
  • Use these warm ups to prepare yourself for hard training (even competition day)
  • GPP's ensure you are ready to train hard, and you are less likely to get an injury
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Stretching .PDF
Module #5

  • Stretching is one of the most neglected areas of strength and conditioning. This stretching worksheet outlines what stretches to do to ensure you are loosened up and recover well between training sessions.
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Assist recovery so you can train harder, more often
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25 Insane Kettlebell Workouts
Module #6

  • The workouts in the eBook combine both bodyweight and kettlebell movements to give you an insanely hard workout. These workouts are not for the faint hearted - do these at your own risk!
  • Super intense kettlebell workouts using advanced kettlebell movements
  • These workouts will get you fit, FAST!
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Killer Kettlebell Movements
Module #7

  • These are the hardest, most gruesome Kettlebell movements I know. This short DVD download will show you how to mix movements together to make you wish you never started swinging a kettlebell. These movements are tough as!
  • These movements are for people who want to go hard or go home.
  • These movements are so hard I only give them to a few of my athletes (the rest can't hack it)
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